Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yoga to the People NYC

One interesting thing I learned about this time in New York was Yoga to the People- a yoga studio on St. Marks Place that operates on a donation basis. The day that we went for a 6 pm class we got there 15 minutes early and still barely got a spot- all three giant rooms were filled wall-to-wall with people. Apparently this idea has taken off since they started it 3 years ago with very few student and little room. They have even just opened a new studio in midtown. So, if you're in NYC you can get a genuine yoga class every day of the week for as little as, well, nothing. Plus, this is the best place to meet cute, wholesome NYU co-eds since the Whole Foods in Union Square (seriously, check out this slideshow). The only drawback in that there are some of those guys in the classes that whip off their shirts and put on their special yoga pants and make really loud moaning sounds while they exhale. That and our instructor read some "wise" thoughts aloud during Shivasina that were like "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy if were written by a 23 year-old amateur yoga instructor in a belly-shirt. And the classes do get pretty pack. The mats are placed close together, so if having the spandex-covered ass of the Asian girl ahead of you, like, directly in your face is your idea of a bad time, better go elsewhere. Plus there are plenty of bars downstairs at St. Marks to go re-tox immediately after class.

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