Friday, July 31, 2015

Ghost Bath - Moonlover

Though my true Black Metal stalwart friends in Providence would exsanguinate me for saying so, I'm not mad at some of this "Post-Black Metal" shit that is coming out.  Twitter user @Akvltgentleman put me on to Ghost Bath from Minot, North Dakota, who are shrouded in self-generated mystery, but let's presume that they are white dweebs with more than a few Emperor records.  It may not be "real" Black Metal, but recent track "Golden Number" stands out in a post-Deafheaven, art-school graduate flooded market.

At 3:10 one guitarist steps out into a gloriously cheesy melody so clean and perky it could have come from a Sonata Arctica song (or even a Vampire Hunter D fan video set to a Sonata Arctica song...).

Destination Flavor: Japan

Somewhere in there between the wax of The Fieriesque and wane of Bourdainism, the Food network went completely off the rails, or so it seems to those of us that haven't paid for terrestrial cable since South Park was hittin'.  In contrast to whatever it is that FN is putting out, Destination Flavour: Japan, a 2013 offering from Australia's SBS ONE is a real goddamn palette cleanser. 
This thing is as relaxing, meticulous and Japanese as the cutscreens on a golf video game, and might share a soundtrack with one.  Australasian yuppie Adam Liaw is so downright pleasant as a host that one might forgive him his man bun.  I don't recommend watching his cooking demonstrations while stoned and on a special soy sauce and vinegar-free diet as I did.

A youtube recommendation led me to that show, which had popped up in the sidebar of this very different but equally superlative food survey- Hamburger America.  The interest items here are more largely sociological, as the premise "Americans put weird shit on hamburgers" thins after the first few symmetrical segments.  In it I learned that yellow fat means that beef is grass fed and therefore it won't "harm ya" from a Texan longhorn cattle rancher-cum-burger-chef along with many other meatwad-related knowledge jewels.

That documentary was brought to my attention by Mark Ibold in his Lucky Peach recipe for "Butter Burgers", which are... well, they are THIS:

You got that?!  They are THIS!:

Drab Majesty- Careless

John Sharkey from Delco-based skinhead rock band Dark Blue put me on to the new record by Deb Demure, AKA DRAB MAJESTY and it is straight reverb-laden 80s goth worshipping fiyah!
This video doesn't do a bad job of conveying the sonic malaise and ritualistic overtones either:


Not only does Shawn Storm's voicing reference Manu Dibango and, by extension, MJ himself, but the stark composition here by Kwashawna Records conjures Kate Bush "Cloudbusting" vibes.

(And who could forget the efforts of this Young Aussie lad?)...

But, it might be Gaza also-ran Gage who buss hardest on this voicing, turning up the Tommy Lee and Alkaline-style starting at :45

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here's a schedule and a little info on some of my inspiring friends who have confirmed the dates they will be appearing with me this Summer in Provincetown.  I will be adding a few more (very exciting) guests as they are able to confirm!

SATURDAY JUNE 30th @ The Squealing Pig:


A local favorite after their appearance at my birthday party last year, Holmes Wilson's Karaokecrime project will bring interactivity, punk rock energy and the indulgence of cheesy pop music to The Pig.  Using the powerful software Ableton Live in a truly unique way, Karaokecrime allows participants to collaborate in creating a "mash-up" as the they sing (or shout) the wrong lyrics in unison over a instrumental karaoke backing track.  These songs are presented the form of sweaty, unrelenting mega-mix of Euro-dance-pop, Top 40 Hip Hop and Indie Electro with Holmes presiding as the demonic "M.C.".
There's a brief review of the experience embedded in this New York Times review of the show Karaokecrime did with Providence/Brooklyn heroes Javelin.

FRIDAY and SATURDAY JULY 6TH+ 7TH at the Underground and The Squealing Pig:


Creators of SubTropix, a weekly global bass party at the Milky Way in Boston, Snake are among the reigning Soundsystems playing Moombahton and Tropical Bass in New England.  Selectors Fuzzy Fotch + Ted Thousand will be appearing with me at the opening night party for the Fleet Moves dance festival in Wellfleet on Thursday the 5th and will be sticking around all weekend to light up the dance.

Bringing a bit of New York flare to our post July 4th weekend will be Jasper Stapleton, a sought-after DJ from the loft, rooftop and hotel lounge scene of Manhattan right now.
Blending a smooth house aesthetic with futuristic bass sounds, his is sure to be one the vibesiest sets of the Summer for the "heads".

SATURDAY JULY 14th @ The Pig:


Hailing from the Cape and currently residing in Los Angeles, Bill Flynn is a link between the worlds of indie rock (having played bass in band like St. Vincent and The Prigs), experimental electronic, minimal techno and party-rocking DJs.  Will he be dropping the kind of spacious, beautiful music he makes under the Sleeper's Work moniker like this?

Or will he surprise us with a Dub, Disco or Ragga Jungle (his love of which can be witnessed in the ridiculous video below) set as he has in years past under the name Manos De Monos?  Come find out.

FRIDAY JULY 20th @ The Underground


One of the Architects of Boston's "Pico Picante" parties, Oxycontinental plays both towards the tropical and Latin thrusts in recent dance music and the cosmopolitan electronics of the clubs of "real" Latin America, from which he hails.  Expect cumbia, house, and floor-filling global bass bangers.

SATURDAY JULY 21th @ The Pig


Dylan Going has somehow reconciled his backgrounds in the Providence noise scene and Brooklyn's disco world with Harsh Boys, an analog techno project that will certainly be the first of it's kind ever in Provincetown.  If you've never seen actual hardware creating electronic beats live, this performance is a must. 

Followed by what is sure to be an ill eclectic DJ set which might sound like this:

Friday and Saturday August 3rd and 4th @ The Underground and the Pig


DJs Riombamba and Malagon will bring the insurgent post-geographical fun of their acclaimed Pico Picante parties (named best Friday night Party by the Boston Dig) to Provincetown.  Global Bass, Electro-Cumbia, Latin remix, Soca, and African electronic hits will blast and people of all sorts will dance all weekend long.

Aside from the acts listed here you can also look forward to surprise visits from Providence's Midnight Mongo Sound, Local indie rockers The Daggers, house maestro DJ Zero and more...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nick-a-Nees Providence

A glorious treat at this glorious old man bar with a glorious jukebox selection of Country, Blues, Folk and Soul classics.  The jukebox there (voted best of by the Providence Phoenix this year, as if there was any competition) costs- get this: 10 plays for a dollar!  Several times recently I went there by myself in the afternoon and dominated that thing for hours, playing jukebox "sets" that had the middle aged daytime regular crowd literally coming up to shake my hand.  This place is a breezeblock bunker in the heart of the otherwise douchetacular Jewlery district, but the fedora-wearers seem stick to the other "nicer" clubs and bars in the waterfront neighborhood.  What you see there is a delicious Double Black IPA from Providence's own microbrewery, Revival Brewing, and a homemade "stuffie"- a stuff Quahog made with Linguica, bread crumbs and BUTTER!  Rhode Island bliss.

Dinner Throwback

Here's what I could eat and drink for the rest of my life, courtesy of my Buddy Gui:
Duck, sausage, garlic haricot verts and crusty bread.  And the full flight of Pappy Van Winkle bourbons.  I've seen the 23 year going for 60 dollars a shot in bars (!).  "This is how we do it"- Montell Jordan

Khao Soi!

in Boston.  Not bad!  In a strange twist they used fried chicken, kind of like pieces of Chicken katsu, instead of the usual stewed chicken leg.  Awesome sweet pickled onions doe.  Pho basil in Back Bay.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mohinga @ Yoma Burmese restaurant, Allston, Mass

I'd been itching to try Mohinga ever since I saw the photos from my man Matt Gross' recent food safari into Myanmar (which I believe will be published somewhere soon).  How exciting it was to learn that that there is a Burmese restaurant, a rare establishment outside of Myanmar or Queens, right near where I was staying in Boston. And what better day was there to visit the place and try this comforting rice noodle stew of curry, pulverized catfish and hardboiled egg, a national staple of Myanmar, than just days after An Syan Sui Kchi had won her historic victory in the Burmese elections, signaling what could be new hopeful day for the Burmese and their culture?  A satisfying meal in several regards.

How We Do @ East Coast Grill, Inman Square, Cambridge

 East Coast Grill is one my favorite spots in Boston.  Among to the things you see in this photo are the ridiculously spicy "Phuket-style" chicken wings dressed with mint, lime, fish sauce, fried onions and the "Bhut Jolokia" chili or "ghost" pepper which is recognized to be among the hottest in the world.  Also, this bahn-mi-style sandwich overloaded with gooey caramelized pork belly.  YOLO.

Portugese Style Cod at Cuisine Del Mar, Central Falls R.I.

An amazing discovery in Central Falls: Cuisine Del Mar is a family-run Portuguese take out spot that consists of a seafood counter, a grill and a fryolator.  You order your fresh fish by the pound at below-market prices and get it grilled or fried and loaded with cilantro, salt, Portuguese olive oil and raw garlic, and served with a starch.  To this pound of Cod and fries I added banana peppers and paid about 8 dollars.  They also have Portuguese fish soup and "Rhode Island style" (read: Portuguese Style) calamari, which is battered, fried and then finished in a light saute of the aforementioned Olive oil, Banana peppers and black olives.

Buffalo Pork Chops at McCurdy's Junction House, Providence

The food at McCurdy's Junction House is so proper.  Their secret to homestyle comfort food is to have stoned black metal heads in the kitchen drinking High Lifes and listening to things like this:

No plate is allowed to escape their grasps without being tortured with deliciousness.

Ddukbokkie @ Mama Kim's Korean food truck, Providence

This was my first encounter with Ddukbokkie, Korean super-thick glutenous rice noodles with a mild orange pepper sauce and fishy fish cakes.  Kind of strange, definitely not great for you, but weirdly addictive.
Here's a recipe video I love mostly for the inappropriate hip hop/global remix soundtrack.  Hot and Spicy!

Dylan Going in "Providence 'New York' Weiners 4 Providence 'New York' Weiners".

make animated gif
make animated gif

The Texas Ruben @ JIm's Deli, Brighton, Mass

 Brisket, cole slaw, Russian dressing, melted Swiss, and a fucking Jalapeno popper.  With cajun fries.  That's what's up.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tostada Time

homemade, with Carne Pastor, Guac, Saffron rice, Watermelon Habanero salsa, Queso fresco, Salsa verde.

with Full Sail Extra Special Barney to replicate a good Mexican dark beer.

and the amazing DJ Still Life Tropical podcast from CCCCommunications


CCC Mixtape 05: DJ Still Life

1. Geko Jones & DJ Reaganomics - Las Cuatros Palomas Remix
2. Gina Martin & Latin Xpress - Mas Suave
3. Canadoes Dance Band - Fine Woman (Sofrito Edit)
4. Hector Ferreyra Y Su Conjunto Tropical - A Caballo (DJ Still Life edit)
5. Los Graduados - Ese Muerto No Lo Cargo Yo (DJ Still Life edit)
6. Martina Camarga - El Mohan (Berroche)
7. Machuca Cumbia - Cumbia Alivianada (JD Twitch edit)
8. Issa Bagayogo - Filaw (Chief Boima remix)
9. La Makina Del Karibe - El Maki Man (AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire remix)
10. Os Kiezos - Princesa Rita

Tostilocos in the NYT

“In Mexico, they’re smart,” said Berta Nava, who assembled the dish, called Tostilocos.. “They take a food, a bag of chips, anything and say: ‘What else? What else can we do?’ ”

Word up. Article
Give a society with enough culinary curiosity enough time and they will start to do wild stuff like this. I mean, how different is this really than the Chaat you get can get in India, like the Bhelpuri in Mumbai:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Popcaan 2012

Many Dancehall fans are making a big deal of the fact that with Vybz Kartel behind bars, his most recent protege, Popcaan, is stepping out of the "featuring" slot to take over as the interim Gaza king. But the truth is that even before his incarceration on suspicion of mulitple homicides Di Teacha had been getting outshined by Popcaan on tracks like the Summertime riddim, where his tune "Raving" became the biggest crowd pleaser over Kartel's titular voicing. While it may be true that Mavado is unabashedly taking advantage of Kartel's absence to release a slew of new tracks aimed at winning back the top slot in Dancehall, Popcaan occupies a different role: that of the party prince. Previously this position has been held down by younger incarnations of Beenie Man and Mr. Vegas. Popcaan's brand is based around "raving": partying and drinking while rocking oversized fitted hats, Clarks and "cut off foot pants" (which in the U.S. might be referred to as "capri pants", but hey). The sound, perfectly matched to the carefree image, is sunny Island Pop dominated by his high-pitched, froggy, slightly autotuned voice and trademark "Yaawwww!". Lets take a look at a few recent tracks:

American audiences who didn't catch "Raving" last Summer are probably going to get their first taste of Popcaan through "Only Man She Want" over the next few months. The single, with it's earwormy vocal hook and tinny synths, has achieved both of the biggest early indicators of a potential U.S. crossover Dancehall hit: airplay on New York's Hot 97 hip hop station and a remix featuring Busta Rhymes. The video distinguishes itself mainly as the first time a Dancehall star has appeared in their video wearing a leopard-print cardigan (!).

Meanwhile judging from recent Dancehall mixes, the biggest tune in Jamaica for Popcaan so far in 2012 is the raving anthem "Party Shot" (which was originally titled "Party Shat", a bit of patois spelling which was wisely changed for the single release). The song is basically a remake of "Raving", and it is pure pop crack. Producer TJ cribs the almost-Celtic sounding synth line from rival producer Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor's recent hits, and Popcaan sounds like he's having a blast over-pronouncing the fuck out of words like "M-16" (though it boggles the mind why he would want to advertise himself as being "like one STD" beside it completing the rhyme). Again, not to come at his personal style too hard, but, in this video Popcaan wears more white capri pants and drinks more apple vodka than a bunch of Connecticut cougars out for a night on the town.

Lastly there is "Get Gal Easy", a straight up mid-tempo banger produced by Dre Skull, a young Brooklynite who has made the surprising leap from being a hipster "tropical" DJ to a certified dancehall hitmaker with this and the riddim for Vybz Kartel's "Go Go Wine". Here holds back from trying anything too fancy, letting minimal snares and a slinky, dubstep-inspired bassline do most of the work until the last minute where the track expands a bit. Popcaan shows us that not only does he get gal easy but he also easily eats beats like this.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sonida Animal Blanco- Estilla Andina 2011

Some Cumbia Andina/Folkloric vybez here, checkete checkete!


Estilla Andina 2011 by White Animal

tracklist is something like

Immortal Technique- Peruvian Cocaine instrumental AKA Bolivia Theme by Giorgio Moroder
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Peek-A-Boo (screwed)
Chancha Via Circuito- Cumbion de las Aves
Busta- Break your Neck (Instrumental)
Duran Duran- The Chauffeur (outro)
Timbaland- Indian Flute (Instrumental)
Matias Aguayo- Juanita
Carlitos Headset- Cumbia Dub Murder
Jaime XX- Far Nearer (screwed)
Apt One- Bells and Whistles
Los Jaivas- Foto de Primera Comunion (White Animal Moombedit)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

White Animal Sight- 12010 Minutes (video mixtape)

Do you think there is no good new music coming out but are too old and busy to really find out for yourself? White Animal Sight 12010 Minutes is designed to put you back in touch with the Alternateen you once were and introduce you to whole bunch of new indie rock/punk/electronic weirdo music. Hit play and leave it on in the background or skip from track to track using the forward/backward arrows. 12010 minutes of bizarre, stoned, 90s garbage regurgitating music videos selected by White Animal Sight.


1. MTV 120 Minutes - Show Intro (00:24)
2. Kurt Vile - "Freak Train" (05:00)
3. funny-tamil horror clips by feroz (00:19)
4. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Bright Lit Blue Skies (02:30)
5. Fox 25 Commercial (July 1991) (Volume 12) (00:31)
6. Tennis "Cape Dory" Video (02:11)
7. umbrella zombie mistake (00:15)
8. EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING which way to go (03:27)
9. Fox 25 Commercial (July 1991) (Volume 12) (00:10)
10. Uh. 1 G0T B0R3D. (01:21)
11. Lazer Tag... Hotter Than Ever (00:36)
12. Fox 25 Commercial (July 1991) (Volume 12) (00:04)
14. Wavves - "Post Acid" (02:26)
15. Creature Double Feature WLVI TV56 (00:27)
16. Glitter - No Age (Music Video) (03:48)
17. WSBK-38 - Movie Loft - Audrey Rose - Breaks (00:55)
19. 1991 CCAD 50 cent old school skate video part 1 of 2 (00:17)
20. Future Islands - Tin Man (03:15)
21. 1991 CCAD 50 cent old school skate video part 1 of 2 (00:01)
22. RAVE: EXPOSED! (00:21)
23. El Guincho "Bombay" (Official Video) (04:29)
24. Woven Bones - Your Sorcery (02:43)
25. DARK GREEN (00:13)
26. Mount Kimbie "Would Know" ((OFFICIAL VIDEO)) (03:21)
27. Evil Bong Trailer (00:11)
28. How to Dress Well -- Ready For the World (03:45)
29. 720 waves 360 waves (00:16)
30. SALEM - "Asia" video teaser (00:56)
31. A little creepy...but VERY funny!!! (00:16)
32. The Bug - Catch a Fire (Official Video) (03:46)
33. balam acab - see birds (moon) (03:49)
34. Flying Lotus - MmmHmm music video (taken from Cosmogramma) (03:44)
35. Twin Shadow 'Slow' (NSFW) (03:41)
36. Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go (04:22)
37. Bruce Haack - Party Machine (Prince Language's Afterparty Edit) (05:39)
38. Pocahaunted - All Of Is Of (03:44)
39. Pocahaunted-Ashes is White (00:02)
40. "the peace tape" (04:01)
41. Com Truise - Sundriped (04:13)
42. TV CARNAGE vs ROMANCE (00:08)
43. Boyd Shropshire - Yes You Have (03:37)
44. Theodore Rex(1995) (00:19)
45. Small Black - "Despicable Dogs" - SXSW 2010 Showcasing Artist (03:54)
46. Night Of Vultures 2/2 (00:18)
47. Yuck - Rubber (07:46)
48. 1990s Water Ski (00:11)
49. Neon Indian "Mind, Drips" Official Video (03:07)
50. Weird Atari Games #1: Garfield's Nighttime Spectacle! (00:08)
51. Lone - Summer of Summer (03:28)
52. FREEDOM OR DEATH X Spike Jonze - "Lost In Dances" (02:31)
53. Mansions on the Moon - Love Is Going To Destroy Me (01:15)
54. Tobacco - Stretch Your Face (02:46)
55. Farewell, Target, War Hero Dog (00:21)
56. Porcelain Raft 'Tip of Your Tongue' (03:30)
57. MTV 120 Minutes - Show Intro (00:24)

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