Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chris and Emerson, Adventures in Retail pt. 2

Beer break. We went to a bar on St. Marks run by this French guy who kept giving us free drinks because Chris was showing him apps. to download for Windows mobile. We watched the inauguration coverage and talked with the Bartender, a little Russian dumpling who looked like she had just stepped out of the encyclopedia entry "Bar Wench".
Chris, being a Peruvian Indian, usually doesn't touch "fire water", but I got him to have a few pints. Here we are at the Vegan Bakery on St. Marks, where Chris was buying some inedible vegan treat. Drunk at 3 Pm.

Kid Robot was closed by the time we got there, so instead..
...we went to Upper Playground next door
There, the urban design world's asinine obsession with guns grimly marches on.

Then we hit up Toy Tokyo, which has almost the exact atmosphere of a sex shop, but the fetish indulged there is toys.

Some of this stuff, when taken out of the context of the Japanese collectible market, is so WTF-inducing it's hard to comprehend. A Sex Pistols themed plastic bear?!

Is that a silver Teen Wolf/Ultraman mashup doll?... of course it is.

And he's my choice for best consumer good of our whole excursion...