Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brooklyn, We Go Hard

Don't Give Up!

Doin' It Well

Chris and I spent a night in BK playing Bleach on his PSPs (sooo good!) and watching videos on local access TV: The Bridge, Video Music Box, and then Island Vibes- it was a stellar block of programming. On Video Music Box they were video mixing and played an awesome homemade video for this Mick Boogie remix of the Santogold sampling "Brooklyn Go Hard" with a Biggie accapella laced in. I couldn't find their video, but here the track:

They went straight out of the that into "Pop Champagne" over the beat from "Put Your Hands Where my Eyes Can See", which for my money is better than the OG beat. As for "Brooklyn Go Hard", I think it's a shitty song which samples a great song, much like when Kanye did this same thing like two weeks ago on "Swagger Like Us". Again he makes a lumbering, undanceable, too-busy sounding track, and this time he even lets the annoying vocal sample play out under the whole song. That's just a bad production choice. Plus Jigga does not sound comfortable at this tempo, just give him a classic 90 bpm mid-90s era Neptunes ripoff and watch him shine. At this BPM he has to imitate Lil Wayne, which is not a good look on him. Anyway Mick Boogie improved this joint X1000 by putting Biggie over it, which is why I'm sharing it with you.

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