Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chris and Emerson, Adventures in Retail pt. 1

Chris and I spent the day in Manhattan checking out our favorite stores but not buying anything. I would just take photos until they would kick us out.

Supreme's main store on Lafayette is closed for renovations, but they are operating out of a warehouse space in the alley behind it. You go through an unmarked door with a bouncer like it's a stash house. I hope this doesn't prevent any Japanese kids from getting their overpriced skate gear!
The winter collection @ Uniqlo on Broadway is kind of killing it!

@ Muji, the Japanese design store, this is how the T-shirts come.
Turntable Lab. We saw Sammy Bananas coming out as we were walking in.

A fucking Heart (the band) themed detailed van design!!!

Kid Robot was sweet, their staff is all mixed-race teenagers and they were bumping Usher.

Obama graff art. This was inauguration day after all.
@ The Mac store. This place is eerily similar to a temple for the cult of Mac. They even have a theatre area where they play their indocrination movies like the Scientologists.

They had the "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones: 300 bux but they are sooo nice.

Misadventures. To be continued...

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