Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog Nuevo

So I deactivated my facebook account and started this new blog. I got sick of all this "Status Update", "Newsfeed" Twitter bullshit where you have to distill what's going on with you into these compact nuggets of self-expression. "John is eating a sandwhich, yum!" "John is watching (insert name of trashy, guilty pleasure T.V. show here), LOL". It's not that I hate being exposed to that level of banal insight into people that I know, it's just.. what was ON the fucking sandwich? Explain what can be funny and good about being a mindless American watching mindless American T.V.; please explain what sucks about it.

Not that this blog will be a rambling, naval gazing exploration into what my Twitter feed could tell you at a glance. Rather, this blog will be where I post stories, photos, video, links, shout-outs, songs, scraps, recipes, thoughts best left unsaid, overheard conversations, pictures of dogs, graffiti, bullshit, whiskey, vitrol, sedition, love notes, pornography, noise, ephemera, semiotic codes, Nabokovian word games, flash games, flights of fancy, barrages of love and big swigs of pure Haterade over the next few months while I travel to NYC, Philly, D.F. Mexico City, Oaxaca and all parts south and equatorial, whether I'm crewing on a sailboat in the Caribean or rolling in a gutter in some Central American country with a history of brutal dictatorships, the kind of place where the Gross National Product is measured in grams.

Along the way I'm going to do my best to profile some of the inspiring lowlifes I know and document their bands, art projects, DJ sets, sexual favors, bummed cigarettes, photos of dogs, T-shirts, dinners cooked, Pallapas built, waves surfed, etc. Let me start by shouting out to my friends that are running respectable, reputable blogs and podasts right now:

Bill Flynn @ BLOG IS LOG DOG
Street Attorney Arthur Mullen @ 3RD ARM.BIZ
Che-Wei Wang @
DJ Superbear's radio show podcast @ The Crave Club
Utilitarian Beats from Chris Devine @ My Portable Soundsystem
My friend Matt Gross, the Frugal Traveler for the NY Times @ The Frugal Traveler

Oh and I can't forget the backlog of strange mixtapes and halfbaked musical ideas over at WHITE ANIMAL, my other blog, which will continue to be periodically updated with new music as I encounter Cumbias, Rancheras, African Slave Songs, Naco Reggae, Porros, Golpes de Bailar and other musics on my way through the mundo Latino and put them into the digital blender to create dancefloor bangers. I promise.

Please add yourself as a follower in the top right corner, check back regular, and leave comments, jokes, disses, links, and digital firebombs.

Muchas Gracias, y ahorra Damas y Caballeros... disfrutan!


  1. Happy New Year 2009. I hope that Portugal come visit my blog. Thank you very much

  2. Right on, right now I'm working on my Spanish, but Portuguese is next!