Saturday, January 31, 2009

Que Hiciste Con Mi Hijo?!

I take it from the lack of congratulatory comments on my last post about my upcoming Spanish language soap opera "Comer, Rezar, Amar y Morir en un Incendio" that many of you are skeptical of it's veracity. I fully understand. The concept that an American with the barest grasp of the Spanish language could be asked to write a nationally televised telenovella, let alone a telenovella with the grim plotline of a young woman who travels to the far east, rediscovers herself and "gets her groove back" with horrendous, unforseen consequences is improbable to say the least. But need I remind you that Scott Gairdner, an American with a similar familiarity with the Lingua Espanol wrote and directed what is considered the be the Platonic ideal of the telenovella format. "Que Hiciste con mi Hijo?!" (or "What Have you Done With my Son?!") was a worldwide phenomenon that enthralled viewers as far afield as Senegal and Korea. Though it only lasted for three short episodes on Youtube, it's characters are still alive in our minds, and it's themes still stir up passionate debates. Without firther ado, I present to you Scott Gairdner's triumph "Que Hiciste con mi Hijo?"

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