Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A bunch of people came out for our night in Manhattan, lots of cape cod kids and whatnot. My friend Dominic from Visionaire magazine came and told me about Pudus- they are tiny deer that live in South America. He was like "you're going down there, somewhere, you should hang out with one."
Dominic is obsessed with Pudus right now. All things good to him are Pudus, he had me saying it by the end of the night. Eventually he took some of us to this ridiculously posh lounge in Chinatown that was filled with androgynous Asian models that were trying not to dance to the Italo-disco the hidden DJ was rocking. Then it was back to Lit!

Thanks to the real-life Pudus Kait and Colby for setting this up, I wish I had taken more photos.

Here's Dominic, looking very Lex Luther. He said that me and Genevieve were both being very "Royal Tenenbaums" and that he thought I was going to come back from central America with an eyepatch and a pet parrot and a dark secret.

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