Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Metal Heart

I know that Chan Marshall is looking like piece of Birthday cake lately, but, really- how can motherfuckers even listen to that bastardized version of "Metal Heart" that she recorded for Jukebox? The Moon Pix version is the only true version, and this live version might be the best performance of it on tape.
Sure, at this point she was fat, drunk and the hair was all in her face, but could becoming sober and self-confident be any consolation for losing this level of intensity? If you've ever felt like you were betraying your own heart or losing your old self, consider this a gift from me and Chan:


  1. The fat, drunken moistness for me, has been replaced entirely by caffeine sweats, which, again, just for me, are incredibly wetting.

  2. I'm not dissing people like 3rdarm that have cleaned up their act. Just as long as you're getting wetted, dawg.