Friday, January 16, 2009

The Journey Begins...

So, I'm officially traveling as of yesterday. Spent last night in Providence and now I'm in Philly. Been here for a few hours and I already have a cheesesteak under my belt.
One cardinal rule of travel that I'm having to relearn is "never ask obvious rhetorical questions to people working in the transportation industry, especially if these questions highlight the inadequacy of their services". If you ask the old Irish lifer behind the counter at the Providence bus terminal why would pay 45$ to take their bus to NYC when you could go to Boston and take the Chinatown bus for 25$ altogether, you'll get nothing more than a hateful grimace. If you ask Sunil, the Indian-American fellow working for Bolt Bus in Boston's South Station why you would pay 20$ for his bus when Fung Wah is charging 15$ next door, it might prompt him to scream "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CHINA BUS!", creating an awkward moment of Paki-Chinese racism for all within earshot.
And speaking of racism, motherfuckers were lining up to pay that extra 5$ and wait another half an hour to take the Bolt Bus instead of Fung Wah. Is this because Bolt offers Wi-Fi and power outlets, or were they avoiding the Chinatown Bus for fear of catching Hepatitis C or having to sit next to a chicken?

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