Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Game Day

I was in Philly for the NFC Championship Game on Sunday and I captured it all: the dedication the passion, the hoagie dip, the heartbreak. Here we go.

Yes I said Hoagie Dip. You take mayonaise, onions,
tomatoes, cheese and cold cuts and turn them into a spreadable condiment! As long as you're eating it on authentic Philadelpha-area Italian bread (which is special due to the area's water quality, elevation, and vibrational pitch), it's a transcendent experience. And that yellow-looking substance? That's Buffalo Chicken Dip. Chicken, cream cheese, hot sauce ranch dressing and a topping of yellow cheese, melted in the oven. That's right, this was a cultural event for me.

We lost.

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  1. look at how fucking cute that trixie is. just look at her. just do it.