Friday, January 23, 2009

The Day After the Innauguartion

I was getting a hot dog in park slope on the day after the innauguration (Willie's Dawgs 351 5th Ave, really good sauerkraut), and overheard a pale, unkempt shut-in talking to his buddy, a black guy who was running the grill. As he was lingering by the door, about to leave, he spun around and said "Listen to this one: I'm going over to see if the Chinese guys are selling a bootleg DVD of the Obama inauguration yet. '5 Dollah! 5 Dollah! Obama!', ya know, HA! Cause that's when you truly know that you've elected your first Black President- when they release the innaguration on bootleg DVD!", and he walked out like he had just absolutely nailed his big closing line.

I would have made him a paid guest commentator on Animal Blanco, on the spot, just for making that very precient observation.

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