Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kids of the Black Hole

I've just learned that David Fincher is going to direct a film adaptation of Black Hole, Charles Burns' awesome, creepy graphic novel about 70's burnouts, The Northwest, STDs and girls with tails:

Nail Gaiman and recent vehicular manslaughterer Roger Avary were working on the script, but stepped aside when the meticulous director came aboard.

here's an article from about the graphic novel

In celebration of this auspicious news, here's some 70s flavored stoner rock to play in your van while you smoke a tiny, tiny roach.

Behold this raging slab of stoner rock from Portland's Danava. Filmed live in Toronto. It's gnarly, and that dude has skinnier arms than I do!

A bit limp wristed compared to that, but this single by Australia's Tame Impala is a hit in the hipster crossover scene. 2 many Djs are even playing it. I leave it for you to decide whether this is genius or deritive second-rate psych-rock with a trendy haircut.


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