Friday, February 13, 2009

San Cristobal

OMG- is San Cristobal de las Casas the cutest place evar? I'm here with Moya and both of our Cute-dars are worn out from overuse. There are the cute colorful buildings, the cute little courtyards you can peek into and see little gardens and sleeping dogs, and the cutest of all- little indigina abuelitas who are like four feet high carrying adorable laughing babies in slings around their neck. Does this sound patronizing? I don't care, yesterday I saw an old woman walking her 7 year-old son home from school and they were the same exact height! I nearly died from a cute-attack.
Here are the photos:

La Calle es Nuestra- Da Streetz is Ourz! (Ladies!)

I didn't know which haircut to choose..

This guy has got G.O.A.T. status! "I don't walk, I get carried."- Old Dirty Bastard, R.I.P.
Actually this was from the Museum of Mayan Medicine, so it could be that the dude is just sick. The museum is a reccomendation, by the way.

It's considered rude to photograph Indiginous people, so I didn't get many good shots of their colorful clothes and delightful babies.

Glamorous times in San Cristobal

We cooked back at the hostal all the things we got at Merket. Some kind of white fish, beautiful little multicolored chiles, mango, lime, cilantro and green tomatillos, wrapped in little packets.

This photo didn't come out, but with some sauteed Swiss Chard and piping hot fresh tortillas, this meal was binoculars.

Cafe life with the German girls.
On the left you can see one of Patricia's patented "adorable" faces.

Fruit salad on the street, 10 peso breakfast
Taco Heaven in the San Cristobal Markets
If you want your coke to go... you got to bag it up!

Yoga time to offset the monumental food fest we'd been having.
San Guadalupe.

We went to Las Grutas, which is a cavern 10 miles outside of town, and had a picnic.

Aguacate, Jamon Serrano y Queso Gouda- these sandwiches were legendary.
Having a total juice-box moment.. what a dork
Good picnic.

Check out the Chino and Negro masks up there! Anybody want one of these as gift back home?
We went to a Thai-Indian restuarant run by a Mexican Sikh, and this guy was singing an accoustic cover of "Unbelievable" by EMF! It was unbeli-- well, you know.

So, what is Pad Thai made by a Mexican Sikh like? Well, it not like anything else, but it was a nice respite from tortilla-and-meat combos.

Our Shrine.


  1. Hey Emerson, and Miss's Clance..
    So nice to see pix of San Cristobal.. it's quite a magical place.. if you get a chance& it is still cheap you should do the horse hike to the indigenous villages in the mountains (maybe you've done this??) kinda a touristy thing to do, but it is worth it.. disfruta!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Clance.. I'll be in touch, I might be comin down your way in just a bit...