Saturday, February 28, 2009

Epic Party

Last Saturday night was the convergence of Pekka's birthday party, the celebration of the arrival of a bunch of his friends from Finland, plus the afterparty for the show of Los Monjos, a punk band from Guadalahara.

So of course the party had to last for days and involve Carne Asada, Finnish liqour, candy and chewing tobacco, smashed bottles, Lesbian hipster electro DJs, self-electrocution, sketchballs, crackheads, underage girls, and general carnage.

First up, the Carne, which was made by David, Raymundo from Polka Madre's brother. He is a trained French Chef, but this night he showed off his simple mastery of American Ribs, which was an exotic and homey treat here in Mexico where sweet and meat rarely mix outside of Moles.

Below, Pekka wore his sweet Mariachi pant for thje occasion.

At far right, Ruth Selecta is Mexico City's prettiest Dub Reggae DJ. Wait, that statement is redundant in like three ways.

Below, Johnathan and Laura electrocute themselves with the Caja de Toques. Notice two bottles of Tequila empty already, and this was early on.

Twelve hours later...

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