Saturday, February 14, 2009

More San Cristobal

Some lovely houses on the outskirts

These kids were collecting straws in the market and we wanted to know why, but they were giggling too hard to answer. Cute factor X100,000.
Sometimes I think this blog should be callled "The Taco Diaries"
Sneaky photographs can work sometimes.
We went to the market so much in San Cristobal that we had to move up to going to the wholesale market- which is where the vendors buy their stuff.

It was cool and I think tourists never go there. These guys wanted to talk to us about how they think there are no farms in America, just computers. I had to agree.

Some of his sweet peas. He was very proud.

On our last night went went to have wine and tapas with our German friends Enis and Patricia.

On the wall was a framed copy of the New York Times article by my friend Matt Gross. What up, Matt! U Famous Homie!

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