Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pachecko Bowl 2009!

The Superbowl party at Raymundo's was the shit. I was surprised to learn that Mexicans actually care about Futball Americano, or at least they make a big deal about the Superbowl. Just like in the states, it's a holiday where everyone pretends to care about football for a day and eats and drinks like crazy. Luckily we were rewarded with an amazing football game. It really looked like it could go either way and both teams were playing their hearts out. Most of the guys there were supporting the Cardinals, and me and Andrew were rooting for The Steelers in honor of our Yinser freinds back home.

Chicharones. I love these things. You have to cover them in salt, lime and hot sauce and have them with beer to really appreciate them. You probably think that you don't like "pork rinds", but you are just being victimized by unconscious classism.

And here it is: the game winning catch. We were going nuts.

Afterwards we went to another legendary taco place. On the right of the photo you can see the lady rolling out cornmeal into tortillas on an antique roller and throwing them onto the flat top grill.

The tortillas come out like cornmeal crepes, and are excessively banging.

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