Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oaxaca Swagger

this is what you call "Oaxaca Swagger"

Check out this flyer. it says "Basta de Racismo.. Ya No?!" and at the bottom it has Urkel saying "I am ready to PIMP!"
LOL WUT?! Can someone please tell me whether this is the work of very dumb Leftists or very clever racist trolls?

"Oaxaca es Mujere"


This is where I'm going to DJ next week.. how perfect is this?

Yadira, the manager, is the Queen of all small, edible dogs... and my heart.

Her boyfriend is also quite an awesome fellow.

A Tlayuda with Carne Enchilada. These things are huge! I wasn't really feeling the texture of the tortilla itself- it is sort of hard and dry, but the toppings are good. A must-try in Oax.

Un Indigino Graupo. These are from the collection of an ethnographer from back in the days.

Dudes had soo much flavor at this time. Check out the hat game! Not one dude was gonna settle for having the same hat as any other. There is a lot be learned about style there.

At La Biznaga, the "fancy" restaurant. This is Chicken wrapped around plantain with a papaya mole. It was... kind of insane, acctually, but worth the experience.

A bit more humble dish, but no less appealing: Chilaquiles con Huevo

Street Art

I was at the organic farmers market tasting Mezcals from this guy, who I have it on authority has some of the best stuff in the region (I'm going to dedicate a post to Mezcal soon, I'm learning more by the day, suffice it to say that my mind is blown by this liquor), and I ran into Janelle from Portland

Who was taking a photo as well

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