Monday, February 2, 2009

Hangin' with Billy Vayez

We went to Billy's family's house on an invitation to go eat Pancita. At first I thought this was some kind of cake or "little bread"- ("pan-cita¨), but no, I think the divination of the word has more to do with the "Pan" in "Pancreas". It´s guts. Stomach, liver, and intestines of a cow, cleaned and cooked slowly in a spicy tomato broth. I knew it would be rough, but I valued the invitation, so I went, along with the Finns Pekka and Tejjya. When they were ready, we dressed the Pancita with raw onion, oregano and lime. Unfortuntely they made it not as mind-meltingly spicy as they usually would, but it was still spicy enough to make you forget what you were eating. For a moment. I chewed as little as possible and washed it down with Micheladas- beer with salt lime and salsa picante. The broth was very good and I even managed to eat all the Pancita while still smiling and thanking the hosts. Pekka, though, was having a harder time. His eyes were watering and he kept looking around as if for a way out. I was like "Nigga, don´t your people eat reindeer and rotten fish?"

This young lady was there to witness the whole hilarious spectacle.

After we finished, we walked out of Billy's front door and right onto the set of a Rick Bayless PBS episode. If you don't know, Bayless is a famous chef and host of many travel documentary shows about Mexican food. Here, he was filming a segment for his show "Mexico: One Plate at a Time" at a torta stand famous (i guess) for tortas de Bacalao y Pavo in Adobo. His niece/daughter or whoever he was filming with was looking crazy right, I was trying to see if she wanted to film some outtakes with me.
In the Tepito market- Cowboys.

Tepito Market- El Santo.
Then Billy took me to his apartment, which is filled with tanks where he is breeding exotic fish, including these Pirranhas. Saludos, Billy!

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