Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Oaxaca

Bien Crudo
A bowl of coffee

Oaxacan Breakfast

Not only do Drug Stores in Mexico usually blast techno all day, but sometimes they have big crazy scientists dancing outside. Are they trying to advertise "We have drugs" by giving me a bad trip? (Video of this soon)

Periodicos. Look at Zach Beirut- "folk sin fronteras", lol. Hes coming to play in Mexico city this weekend, I just might go.

This was at a cafe called "La Neuva Babel". Luchadores wearing Sombreros- is there anything more Mexican than that?

This is what my lifestyle is like these days

The chocolate factory is not just an R Kelly Album

Una Bruja.

This was literally one of the best sandwhiches I've ever had. A chile stuffed with Picadillo, which is a sweet/spicy BBQ kind of pulled pork with raisins, breaded and fried, with cheese, refried beans, tomatos, lettuce, mayo and jalapenos. Oh snap.

The food and drinks at La Biznaga are sooo good. I can barely describe what is going on here. A few hints: that red stuff is not beets, it's sauteed flor de jamaica- i.e. hibiscus. And the green leaf wrapper at top left? It's called Herba Santa and I've never even seen it in the US. It was stuffed with Oaxacan cheese and flor de calabaza.

Here's what the food at La Biznaga makes you do:


  1. in that picture of you wearing sunglasses at a cafe with a book/ drink - please tell me you're wearing white linen pants.

  2. If you were trying to win the "best comment possible ever" award... congrats.