Friday, February 20, 2009

Locos Peligrosos

If you are coming to Mexico city and want to stay somewhere a little classier, I recommend Hotel Finisterre on Claz. Tlapan near metro Tasquena. Moya and I splashed out on a suite for 350 pesos (about 24 dollars), which was totally worth it. It had a big double bed, cable, a good shower, maid service etc. Plus the staff treated us like royalty and let us get away with everything. The hotel is in a good location for exploring the charming historical district Colonia Coyoacan and it's close to the Bus Terminal del Sud and blue line trains at Tasquena.
When arrived we were worn out from an overnight bus, loads of Oaxacan mescal and the drama which it brings so we spent the day with the blinds drawn and watching old Mexican movies like Locos Perdidos, which is a musical comedy starring Tin Tan, who is a legend down here. Here's one of the numbers from it, "Fiesta en Habana", which also include some sweet blackface (why is this becoming a theme on this blog?)

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