Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Girls Give it 2 Me

I've never gotten into Animal Collective: I wasn't into all that atonal chanting and I certainly don't care what some Brooklynites think about modern primativism or spirit animals or anything, but this new single is a jam! Is this a big hit in the states yet? This sounds like "Sloop John B"-era Beach Boys up in the club. All it needs is a more consistent 4X4 kick and snare and I think this would work in many club settings. This video sucks, though: It looks the Blue Man Group doing blackface inside someone's colon.

Also, I heard this song in the market the other day- how did I miss this when it came out? I can't believe I was forced to play "4 Minutes" 20,000 times this summer while Djing but I didn't even hear this one. The Pharell beat is just awesome- sounds like a DFA production with some Danjahands synths. And I really can't hate Phreezy muggin all over the video. Who is this lackluster soccer Mom that's singing , though?


  1. i told you: My Girls is the shit.

  2. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention: my sister was right about this song.
    She's wrong about the Mad caddies, though. So very wrong.

  3. este video ya no esta disponible...