Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo rewind

Here are some photos i forgot.

First up, sorry Moya, I had to: un Michelito y un Bestito

Biznaga again. This was the Tuna with a poblano pepper and sweet pea mole.
Pescado al Pastor, such a good idea.
A sideways Biznaga cocktail, which has Guava and the house Mezcal with shaved vanilla bark.
Este is porque soy un Shaman, apparamente. Una mariposa:
Oaxaca artes.

y Los Suenos, Suenos son. Word up.
In San Cristobal, we learned that if you are a 1. Mexican, 2. Lesbian, 3. Chef, 4. On your Birthday, it's like the perfect storm of partying. Stay away from these types unless you're ready to go a la Verga.

Another round of Chilaquiles. This portion almost had the cops calling the red cross for Moya as she was lying, stuffed and incapacitated in the park afterward.
Bromance, Chiapas style.
This lady made us breakfast and told us her life story and showed us photo of her daughter's quinceanera and told us that she was lonely and invited us to go to the waterfalls with her. We were like "that's sweet, lady, but... really, we just wanted some friggin' huevos".

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