Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thai Cafe, Greenpoint

My quest for authentic Thai near my house took me this time to the creatively named Thai Cafe in Greenpoint.

I had Tom Yung Goong, which was mostly raw white button mushrooms. This tactic is not entirely inauthentic, cheap places in Thailand sometimes do the same.

I was happy to see that they offered that most Thai of lunches, perhaps my favorite meal in the world when done right: Som Tam with Chicken and sticky rice. This meal is best enjoyed on the street in Bangkok, bought from two seperate vendors who each have mastered their respective crafts of hacking up green papaya and frying or barbequeing chicken. Here at Thai Cafe the Chicken was served baked with a lime-spice coating which made the plate more like a homestyle American meal. It's interesting how a small twist like that, and a bit of loss-in-translation on the Papaya salad can bring this meal very close to the Southern plate it would most resemble: Chicken with Cole Slaw and a starchy side. Not exactly what I had come for, but I was not mad at it.

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