Monday, November 16, 2009


Having a renovated old Diner that serves upscale comfort food and calling it "Diner" sounds like a joke straight out of Nathan Barley, but the place is actually pretty good. My roommate Lee works in the kitchen there, so when we went, along with some visiting French kids, he sent us out mad free shit. First it was a salad with confit Rabbit, served with baguette slices slathered in rabbit pâté. Then it was this homemade buckwheat tagliatelle with parmesan, walnuts and greens.

When it came time to actually order we all went with different forms of beef: steaks, a burger and a brisket dish. The aged steak was simple and good, served with salty fries, a green salad and real thick house-made mayonnaise, not aoli.

Lilah's Brisket was a little one-note and lacked the sweet/sour element of a real Jewish brisket.

The French were dutifully impressed with the gallic bent of the cuisine, and I was impressed that were playing Thin Lizzy, Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate all through dinner.

And the Tarte tartin was banging.

BTW, Diner puts out an interesting magazine, they must be kind of fanatic.

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