Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Liquid Breakfast

Lee and Tessa both had novel breakfast beverage recipes to offer the other morning: Lee was making espresso in a stovetop espresso pot and foaming milk like this: heat it in a pot on the stove, gently so it doesn't burn. Add maple syrup and scrape in fresh vanilla. Once it's hot enough, put it into a french press and agitate it with the press until foams up. Add that to a half cup of espresso. The foam on these was so thick it looked like meringue.
Tessa was serving what apparantly is a pretty common drank in Europe: Looza Banana nectar with San Pelligrino. I had never heard of bottled banana juice, and the idea of mixing it with bubbly water sounded kind of wrong, but on ice and especially mixed with some more of that real South Indian vanilla scraped into it, it turned out to have an appealing creamy/bubbly interplay, like a banana flavored egg cream.

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