Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anna Maria Pizza

The Pizza place directly downstairs from my current, tenuous location on Bedford ave is RIDICULOUS! Anna Maria Pizzeria is fundamentally sound traditional NY Pizza made by Mexicans who have no qualms about straying from tradition. Thus, while you can get a great basic cheese or Margarita slice, I'm always distracted by one of the 20 other slice pies that they have going at and given time, things like lasagna pizza, chicken caesar salad pizza, spicy Mexican jumpoffs with avocado, roasted eggplant and sausage, etc. And these slices, which are about 3.50$, are enormous and piled high with fresh, high-quality ingredients. I am no expert on New York pizza, but so far this place is my hands-down favorite. The pizza is so good that despite the fact that the bar across the street, The Charleston, gives away free pizza when you order a beer, I would still cross the street and pay for pizza from Anna Maria's.

Plus, the gueyes behind the counter are wicked funny, they get endless amusement from fucking with all the drunk hipsters that come in. One guy, every time some elfin hipster waif girl will order one enormous slice will say "You want THREE of those?!", while the other guy will confound stoned people by asking "You want that for here or to stay?".

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