Sunday, November 15, 2009

Minca Ramen Factory

Simone took me to this Ramen place in the L.E.S. (Minca Ramen Factory, 536 E. 5th St) where they make their own Ramen, Udon and Glass noodles and almost everything comes with a glorious fatty hunk of slow roasted pork goodness.

I went for the standard no #1 skinny-noodle Ramen to see what the basics are all about, it had the afformentioned lovely pork, the seasonal earthy mushroomy vegetables that Japanese love, a hardboiled marined egg, and a sheet of nori.

Simone sort of trumped me by going for the spicy version of the same bowl of Japanese soul food. I do want to go back there and try the "experimental" Ramen- the chef's own nightly creations which the menu explains as consisting of "?" and costing "?".

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  1. you got to get to Ippudo you have to go though btwn 5 and 630 or after 10