Monday, November 23, 2009

3AM Doner Kebab

File this under: poor life choices. I went to the new Doner Kebab place on Bedford on my way home at 3AM. I wanted to try it after reading a good review in the Villiage Voice, and also Doner is one of the best drunk foods ever, that is why it is ubiquitous in late-night party towns like Berlin and Barcelona.

The review I had read said to go with the chicken kebab, as the doner itself was frighteningly close to lamb spam. But, they also offered a mixed kebab, and when given the option to get more than one thing "mixed", I am powerless to resist.

Alarm bells should have rung when the owner said "You should see the meat on Wednesday when it arrives, it's like 150 pounds! Right now we are down to the last bits." As I was pondering the implications in that statement, I failed to notice that the Kebab master was forgoing the chicken entirely and loading my sandwich up with grey meat product.

I didn't notice this until I brought the thing home, and at that point there was nothing to do but wolf it down. The spam comparison was valid, but my real problem was that the doner meat was so laden with slightly rancid grease that it tasted to me like catfish. The bread and toppings were all decent, and I'm sure if I go back for a chicken kebab I'll be much happier, but eating this sandwich "haunted" me all the next day.

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