Monday, December 14, 2009

Sting 2009

I just finalized my plan to go down to Jamaica next month for my friend's wedding, though I'll be too late for this shit:
Bounty Killer versus Vybez Kartel! If you don't know the deal, Vybez was basically Bounty Killer's protege, but has since stepped out of his shadow to become the biggest artist in Jamaica. The only other contender to that title is Mavado, who Vybez battled and defeated at Sting 2009. Now he has turned his sights on his former mentor in a dramatic development straight out of a kung-fu movie. This is the young, fiercely talented upstart challenging the leader of the old guard in the most theatrical of settings. Bounty is still highly respected but may be past his prime in term of lyrics and relevance. Whatever may happen at this Soundclash, I can still remember when Bounty was the undisputed king. Remember this one?

Look into my eyes, tell me what you see?
Can you feel my pain? am I your enemy?
Give us a better way, things are really bad,
The only friend I know is this gun I have.
Listen to my voice, this is not a threat
Now you see the nine are you worried yet?
You've been talking 'bout' you want the war to cease
But when you show us hope, we will show you peace.

Look into my mind, can you see the wealth?
Can you tell that I want to help myself?
But if it happen that I stick you for your ring
Don't be mad at me it's a survival ting.
Look into my heart, I can feel your fear
Take another look can you hold my stare?
Why are you afraid of my hungry face?
Or is it this thing bulging in my waist?

Look into my life, can you see my kids?
Let me ask you this,do you know what hungry is?
Well in this part of town, survival is my will
For you to stay alive you've got to rob and kill.
Look into my house would you live in there?
Look me in the eyes and tell me that you care,
Well I've made up my mind to end up in the morgue
Right now I'd rather die, cause man a live like dog.

Look down on my shoes, can you see my toes?
The struggle that we live nobody really knows
Stop and ask yourself, would you live like that?
and if you had to then, wouldn't you bus gun shot?
Look into the schools, tell me how you feel?
You want the kids to learn without a proper meal
Den what you have in place to keep them out of wrong?
If they drop out of school dem a go bus dem gun

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