Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jewish Christmas came early

Later in the day after Egg and Bloody Mary's at Enid's, we decided to to have Jewish Christmas dinner- Old-School Cantonese Chinese enjoyed in a slightly depressing, seasonally decorated environment.
Chinese Musician is an awesomely unique name for a Chinese restaurant. Their food was maybe not as indelible as the name, but it did stand out for being decidedly more classic than most of the crappy Chinese in the Greenpoint. Little touches like carved vegetables and the shu-mai wrappers that come with the Peking Duck make you remember why this kind of food used to be such a favorite before things like Sushi and Thai food came to kick it's ass.

The only thing unenjoyable about this meal was when one of the British guys in the booth next to us tried to show off his worldliness by yelling "NEE-HOW!" to get the waitress' attention. Then they proceeded to complain about one of their dishes, which apparently didn't live up to the standards that they have grown accustomed to in London. These type of cunts are crawling all over New York right now, throwing around their exchange rate weight, wearing twee spectacles and Plimsoles and charming ladies with their Geico lizard-like cadences. It makes me want to watch some Rednecks stomp them while I listen to "Party in the U.S.A."

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