Thursday, December 10, 2009


Although it's kind of silly to sit there and google "Polish Restaurant Greenpoint", when you could also just go to Manhattan avenue and throw a pierogie and hit one, I did it anyway and came up with Lomzynianka. The restaurant review sites rated this place highly, saying it was huge portions of home-cooked food for next to nothing. Many of the reviews took issue with the decor, though. Apparently the visual sense of sitting in a Polish family's tacky dining room is distasteful to the rarefied sensibilities of the Chowhound cognoscenti. Some of the reviews also paradoxically promised that this place is only frequented by real people from the neighborhood, not yuppie trash, which begged the question in my mind "So who are the people writing all these reviews?!"

As I guessed, the place was filled with young Williamsburgers who looked like they were mentally preparing online reviews (especially me, because I actually was... you want some meta-Kielbasa with that?) and the only Polish being spoken was in the kitchen. But, the reviews were right about the food, it was plentiful and plainly being whipped up by a real Polish grandma. Her son, the owner was waiting on all the tables in between having adorable Sunday night quality time sitting watching TV with his teenage daughter. And though the prices had certainly gone up since the menu you can find on their website was posted (it promises things like a 5$ Polish platter), it was still a super-cheap way to get disgustingly full. I'm not sure if the pierogies and even the kielbasa were supposed to be deep fried like that, but otherwise it was an awesome Polish experience where the only strong flavors are dill and vinegar, and if you are sitting close enough to the owner and his daughter having family night, you feel like you are in an outtake from one of the more tender episodes of The Decalogue.

And, No, I cannot pronounce that name either. I had to re-google it to write this, because all I could remember is that it sounded something like "Lizstomania".


  1. I'm guessing it sort of rhymes with Hannukah. Lamm zinn yannukah.