Sunday, December 6, 2009

La Superior

La Superior is a real-ass Mexican place not far from the base of the Williamsburg bridge. They have Lengua, Sesos (Brains), Cebollitas (Grilled green onions soaked in Worcestershire sauce), and fucking Tortas Ahogadas straight out of Guadalahara. They have fresas Mexican hipsters working up front and naco Mexicans working in the back, they have Luchador memorabilia on the walls and cumbia nueva on the stereo, they are doing it right in my book. The only thing they don't have is a liquor license, which sucks because if they could serve micheladas I would never have to leave. As it is, I'm trying to get a job there so I probably shouldn't say much more, but the tacos de lengua and the incredibly spicy pavo en escabeche tacos were excellent. I would prefer them at Mexico city prices, but what can you do?
Bien pedos.

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