Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fette Sau

When my Sister came to visit I finally had an opportunity to try out Fette Sau, the hella-serious Barbeque/Smokehouse place on Grand near my place that fills the surrounding blocks with the glorious smells of hickory and roasting pig. Caitlin was pleased with my choice, saying that the Brisket was some the best she had ever tried. We also went with some Ribs and some Burnt-End piece baked beans, which seemed to have absorbed all the delicious and dark elements of Barbeque, right down to the fat, the carbon, the caramelization, and indeed the essential transgressive thrill of being carnivore itself.
I was only disappointed that they didn't have more soul-food type sides. I could have dealt with some Mac and Cheese or at very least cornbread, but instead we were offered only white rolls and some cole slaw. Probably by even complaining about the paucity of sides I am exposing myself as a Barbeque philistine to the bearded grillmaster elite types they had working behind the counter there.


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  2. haha i've got a crazed look in my eyes. one similar to that of a shark smelling blood in water. a little overwhelmed but all in all - ready to FEAST on the best BBQ EVAARRRR.