Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Saltie is an aesthetically-minded sandwich shop on Metropolitan which which was started by a former chef from Diner. Their aesthetic bent is all-encompassing: the name is British slang for sailor. The shop is all navy blue and white. The sandwiches all have nautical monikers like the "Ship's Biscuit" and the "Captain's Daughter" (it's the fishy-smelling one). Add this to the seemingly all-lesbian staff presided over by a British lady bo'sun who looks and talks like a slightly less-pretty Shane McGowan and it's like traveling to some alternate reality where old-time seafaring Cockneys were largely concerned with sandwich preparation and scoring Teagan and Sara tickets.
I did go for the Captain's Daughter (is anyone surprised?), which was "high quality tinned sardines" with capers and flat-leaf parsley. It was sort of like an ultra-savory high grade Tuna sandwich served on a chewy homemade focaccia biscuit.

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