Monday, December 14, 2009

The South Philly Roasted Pork Sandwhich

The South-Philly style roasted pork sandwich is one of those regional sandwich specialties that requires a very precise application of specific elements. These are: Roasted Pork loin which has been rubbed with Italian herbs and salt and pepper, an Amoroso Italian roll, shaved extra-sharp provolone, steamed or sauteed brocolli rabe, sweet-hot marinated Italian cherry peppers, and a extra side of the fatty juice from the bottom of the roasting pan. The bitterness of the Brocolli rabe and bracing intensity of real Italian sharp provolone make this a surprisingly challenging crowd pleaser, but it is the binding element of hot, seasoned liquid pork fat that has made this sandwich as dear if not dearer to the swollen, clogged hearts of Philadelphians than the cheesesteak.
When I was down visiting my Mom for Thanksgiving we attempted to find a real Roast Pork sandwich and were only marginally successful. This sandwich's pork, for one thing, was thin sliced and not lopped up in meaty chunks as it should be. Herr's Salt and Vinegar chips were a nostalgic accompaniment, however.

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