Saturday, December 5, 2009

Momufuku MIlk Bar

At this point "blogging" about Momufoku Milk Bar is about as novel as proclaiming "I Love The Smiths!" in a Brooklyn Bar, but I had to go and do it anyway. Milk Bar is the latest spin-off of David Chang's wildly successful Momufuku brand.
My friend Laura is way up on her high-grade ice creams, and having steered me right before, to Mashti Malone's in L.A., I had to take her lead to the Milk Bar to try the Cereal Milk soft serve.

This stuff is wild- it tastes exactly like the milk at the bottom of bowl of corn flakes. Except instead of trying to make that flavor all desert-like, they keep the sweetness subtle and bring out the sour, salty notes you usually take for granted in corn flakes. The other soft-serve flavors they were offering on the night Chris and I visited were Salty Pistachio and Caramel and Double Malted Chocolate, but I've heard of them offering things like Stuffing flavor and Rosemary Flavor.

Their baked goods are equally insane: I went again with Laura's suggestion of a compost cookie: it has chocolate chips, pretzels, potato chips, caramel, coffee and oats. It reminded me of something they might sell in a Phish concert parking lot, the only missing ingredient was opiated weed butter. It was really good, though.

One thing we couldn't try were their breads, which had sold out as they apparantly always do, early in the day. These change every day, but in the posted schedule I saw things like Green Curry Banana bread(!), Blue Cheese Polenta Bread, and Kimchi Bacon Focciacia(!).
They also serve a few selected beers and David Chang's famous Porks Buns, which I am planning a return trip to experience.

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