Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A messy, fucked-up mix from messy fucked-up kids. Salem on record are all backwoods Michigan nihilistic druggy gay chopped'n'screwed black metal vibes and Chicago juke gone evil yet mopey. On this mix they play some of their own songs and other things that make you feel like you are tripping on Robitussin DM. You can read more about Salem's singer John Holland turning tricks at truck stops, smoking crack, and appreciating Mariah Carey in this interview from BUTT magazine.

Download We Make it Good Vol. 11: Salem (Click Here)

1. Psycho Drama – Alkuholiks
2. Salem – Pig Fucker
3. Skeeter Davis – The End of the World (Drag Remix)
4. oOoOoo – Seaw
5. AIDS 3D – Party Animal Dirge
6. Salem feat. Gucci Mane – Round One (SalemRemix)
7. Salem – Hoodrych
8. The Beach Boys – Whispering Winds (Drag Remix)
9. Sinistas – SZXZ
10. oOoOoo – Mumbia
11. Salem – Water
12. Twista – Hey Lover Boy
13. Tha Pope – Track 41
14. Light Asylum – Shallow Tears (Drag Remix)

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