Monday, March 23, 2009

San Cristobal once again

San Cristobal was not quite the same the second time around without Moya, but it was alright.

Here's positive proof that the 80s are dead and the 90s are back-- even in Chiapas, graffiti artists have quit fetishising 80s ghetto blasters and are on to panasonic stereos from Kmart circa 96.
Back in San Cris, you can get a breakfast like this at La Casa del Pan- homemade croissant, local organic eggs, rajas (cactus), queso gouda and fried seso mushrooms on top.
My eyes were so depressed by the two-dreadlock, pseudo-crusty hippy style in San Cristobal that this eccentric gentleman was literally like a ray of sunshine. How did he find socks to match the rest of the outfit?! A style pioneer.
When official language goes retarded: the men's room at Zirko on a long night of clubbing.


  1. oh i hear you loud and clear on all things san cristobal, i think. zirko's got some smartypantsing going on with the 2 for 1 drink specials too - they just double the price of the drinks. boo yah! miss you. xo

  2. I mean, I definitely can't hate on San Cristobal. It's so beautiful and the living is easy. I could see myself living there.
    It's just that a Saturday night late at Zirko or Madre Tierra just feels to me like a meat market for local artesanos and guys in reggae bands to pick up backpacker girls. To me a sleazy dude is still a sleazy dude, whether or not he has dreads or whatever. I was talking to a guy one night because he was wearing a Women's Rights T-shirt from Oaxaca... then he turned around and saw one of my friends, a blonde Finnish girl with dreads, and he started yanking on them from behind her, like "Oye, oye, rubia! Rubia!".
    That place Cafe Revolucion is the worst- I tend to think a real revolutionary like Che or whatever would bomb that place before buy an overpriced beer in it and listen to Manu Chau.

    OK, hating complete. Chiapas Libre!