Friday, March 27, 2009

I went to Aguas Azul, some big waterfalls in the jungle of Chiapas with some friends I met on the bus from San Cristobal. We spent a few days there, hiking and swimming, cooking food on a bonfire and hanging around. I took a bunch of good photos on my other camera on the first day, when water really was azul. That night it rained a lot and when we woke up the next day, the water was more like caca from the mountain runoff. Since then, my small camera was stolen, so I lost all those pretty shots from the first day. Here are the rest.

Rope SwingMireia is Catalana who sings Indian raggas and eats mostly rice and lentils that she cooks in her own earthenware pot because "food retains memories from the Universe". Believe it or not, we became fast friends.This is the closest to a photo you can get of Mariana, the film student from Santiago, Chile. She doesn't not like to be photographed.
We were in the heart of EZLN- AKA Zapatista country. Along the way we saw many collective stores, community centers and such. Even the the waterfall park itself has two entrance fees: the official one and an "optional" EZLN guerrilla one. We chose to pay both.

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