Friday, March 6, 2009

Chacahua time

Sorry about the lull in internerdery, I've been living on a remote beach where there is no internet, no banks, etc. Just cabanas, fresh fish, locally made mescal and locally grown vegetation. Nothing to do but lay in a hammock, read, or surf. I've been trying to surf, which has been a harsh reminder of how out-of-shape I've been since I hurt my ankle. All the other people in my bungalow are hardcore surfers that live there for months out of the year- surfing 6 hours a day or surfcasting or spearfishing. Then they drink beer and talk about these activities ad nausuem. Makes me feel like a real sissified city slicker, but I'm getting more into it.

To get there you have to take a boat across a lagoon.

And then, if you're me, you'll try to get your fare reduced by offering to help this old man fill his truck bed with palm leaves. He will give you a lousy 50 pesos off, but a thumbs up to your stacking skills.
The locals can get a bit wild. I liked this guy's T-shirt- it's like a souvenir shirt from 9-11!
My cabana, hammock, surfboard, drying shorts. Each Cabana comes with a mosquito net and folding beer table with cupholders!And of course they all come with a mangy dog that lays in front of your door.I wasn't joking about the smashed laptop screen. This is what it looks like:Pescado empapellado. This is the national dish of Mexican beaches.The secret ingredient is the squirts of mayonaise they throw on there before they bake it.
Chacahua nightlife.

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