Monday, March 23, 2009


Team "Vans"

Back in the surf ghetto of Puerto, these type of sights are common.

As far as I can tell, the Erotika sex shop didn't take off, so they opened up the school supply store in its place without taking down the mural of the little girl in bondage.
"Little Black Boy" carwash.
Checkout the graff piece in the back with Little Sambo. The kid working had a high-top fade, too, completing the black-cultural theme.
Super Che is the biggest supermarket chain in Southern Mexico. When I saw this, I was like "Cool, Imma just run up with an AK-47 and liberate all the food I want- Hasta la Velveeta Siempre, mothafuckkaaa!"

Despite the cultural freakshow you will find there (don't get me started about aging Californians with money and their ability to recreate the beach towns of their surfing youth to deal with their raging Pater Pan complexes), they do put on a banging sunset.

And the waves there are literally terrifying. This photo doesn't do justice.

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