Friday, March 27, 2009

White Animal vrs. the Little Dudes in the streets of San Cris!

I was minding my own business, eating Posole on the street in San Cris, when I was attacked by these little indigenous kids who shine shoes on the street there. They demanded money and such, but all I could offer was to buy them some food and cokes.
They ate and jabbered in an ominous Indigenous dialect. I feared for my life. One of them took my sunglasses:

I wanted a photographic record of the assault. At first they were shy..

But then became more bold.

They grabbed my camera and started taking their own photos. In an unexpected turn of events, the gang members turned on each other and started Karate fighting in the street!
These photos were taken by a third hoodlum.

Their hands were so dirty that I had to keep wiping the screen of the iphone off so they could take more photos.

Even shrubs weren't spared: they got humped!

A concerned third party stepped in to document the violence:

This close-up on my shoe is acctually my favorite photo they took. I mean, they are shoe-shines. This is what they look at all day. It doesn't much more "outsider art" than that.

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