Monday, March 16, 2009

Chacahua again

After two days of surfing on Chacahua with pretty much no warming up and sleeping on these ulra-hard, too-big pillows in my Cabana, I ended up with a neck so stiff that I literally could not move ifrom this position for two days.

I was layed up like this staring at the ceiling for far too long.
When I got better I went with my friend Erica, who is a real Michoacana, to go see the lighthouse on the other side of the lagoon. (No, interested parties, we not the smooching kind of friends)
Here's the Lagoon from above
And the beach proper, with uncharacteristically mellow waves. The main break is out by he rock jetty, and it's usually pretty gnarly.

Here me, just chilling with an aguilla..
These were the evangelical motherfuckers that kept us up for night on end with their huge loudspeakers over which the preachers would literally scream about Jesus. It sounded like death metal without music, horrible. Did you know that Evangelism was invented in America quite recently and is now spreading in Mexico like a plague? Apparently it's becoming a major threat to the Catholic church and people who like peace and quiet.
This was the best full moon evar!

We made a big fire to celebrate
The dudes

Frederick from Sweden being stoic
Or stoned-ic
These guys would catch some crazy fishes that they'd cook for us in the restaurant
Keith from Texas eating these little fishes called "Cocinero" which were some of the tastiest fish I've had.
Regalito is the prettiest dog, and his name means "little gift", awwww..
Dudebroness.. kind of creepy?El Piojo is like is the mayor of Chacahua
Here he is as a representative of "Laguna" people on a cultural poster.
My friend Gal said that he looked like Samuel L. Jackson, but that prolly because she's from Isreal and doesn't see many black people. People in Chacahua in general look more black than most Mexican people, supposedly from runaway slaves.
While Piojo is drinking Mescal and smoking joints all day, his wife is running the shop.

The best beach. If you want to go there, don't ask me cause I wont tell you where it is.

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