Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Not Alone

What do you think of this new Calvin Harris single? I'll admit that the first verse is pretty hard to take. "I'm playing Golf and looking too old" has to be one of the worst lyrics ever, and this is one instance where auto-tune would be a welcome accompaniment to Calvin's off-key singing. But starting from where he says "God, I can't do this anymore" it starts to tug at your heartstrings. Then, out of nowhere, these huge, dumb, Eurovision-style trance synths kick in and the shit goes all rave on you. By the time the acid-house stabs start up, it sounds exactly like some double-stacked Mitsubishis kicking in. While one part of you wants to put on a track suit and twirl glowsticks, the other part of you is struck by the melancholy lyric
"If I see a light flashing, does this mean that I'm coming home?
If I see a man waving, does this mean that I'm not alone?"

In short, it sounds like mindless, exessive partying in spite of knowing better, which is something that I'm sure we can all relate to. Being sad at the rave is so 2009.

I have no idea WTF is going on in this video, but I'm feeling his evil-mad-scientist-with-sexy-girls steeze here

The Deadmau5 remix ain't too shabby either..


  1. hahahahahaha. i watched that video (bobbing my head to the sweet dance beat) - and it made total sense.
    the scientists are creating the perfect dancing machine. but it shows the test subjects are really miserable and live in horrible, even "holocaustesque" conditions - as is demonstrated by the depiction of the dancers stuffed into barracks-style bunk beds. the brief flashes of the child and his bear are a reference to the innocence of youth - and with the destruction of the bear comes a loss of innocence. then the final scene is obviously the most moving. the mad scientist sets up the bear (innocence) in a frankenstein-like machine. showing the attempt to bring back innocence but it will be in the form of a monster.
    so in conclusion - he's comparing the rise to cool in the club scene to the holocaust..
    great stuff.

  2. Thanks for sorting that out, luv.

  3. it's "i blame god for looking too old"