Friday, July 31, 2015

Ghost Bath - Moonlover

Though my true Black Metal stalwart friends in Providence would exsanguinate me for saying so, I'm not mad at some of this "Post-Black Metal" shit that is coming out.  Twitter user @Akvltgentleman put me on to Ghost Bath from Minot, North Dakota, who are shrouded in self-generated mystery, but let's presume that they are white dweebs with more than a few Emperor records.  It may not be "real" Black Metal, but recent track "Golden Number" stands out in a post-Deafheaven, art-school graduate flooded market.

At 3:10 one guitarist steps out into a gloriously cheesy melody so clean and perky it could have come from a Sonata Arctica song (or even a Vampire Hunter D fan video set to a Sonata Arctica song...).

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