Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mohinga @ Yoma Burmese restaurant, Allston, Mass

I'd been itching to try Mohinga ever since I saw the photos from my man Matt Gross' recent food safari into Myanmar (which I believe will be published somewhere soon).  How exciting it was to learn that that there is a Burmese restaurant, a rare establishment outside of Myanmar or Queens, right near where I was staying in Boston. And what better day was there to visit the place and try this comforting rice noodle stew of curry, pulverized catfish and hardboiled egg, a national staple of Myanmar, than just days after An Syan Sui Kchi had won her historic victory in the Burmese elections, signaling what could be new hopeful day for the Burmese and their culture?  A satisfying meal in several regards.

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