Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nick-a-Nees Providence

A glorious treat at this glorious old man bar with a glorious jukebox selection of Country, Blues, Folk and Soul classics.  The jukebox there (voted best of by the Providence Phoenix this year, as if there was any competition) costs- get this: 10 plays for a dollar!  Several times recently I went there by myself in the afternoon and dominated that thing for hours, playing jukebox "sets" that had the middle aged daytime regular crowd literally coming up to shake my hand.  This place is a breezeblock bunker in the heart of the otherwise douchetacular Jewlery district, but the fedora-wearers seem stick to the other "nicer" clubs and bars in the waterfront neighborhood.  What you see there is a delicious Double Black IPA from Providence's own microbrewery, Revival Brewing, and a homemade "stuffie"- a stuff Quahog made with Linguica, bread crumbs and BUTTER!  Rhode Island bliss.

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