Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tacos @ The Woods, Wllbrg

Can we for a moment get back to what this blog is supposed to be all about?
And by that I mean girls and tacos.
I think that the taco truck behind The Woods in Williamsburg has some of the best late-night tacos in Brooklyn. The folks who run it are incredibly sweet and make it tolerable to stand in line in the cold with execrable drunk hipsters who will invariably try to engage you in some way. Seriously, The Woods has the ambiance and clientele of a terrible house party where people from the bus stop out front wander in. This proves how good the tacos are because you're more likely too see me there at 3:30 AM than the truck at Union Pool. I go there just for Carne Asada covered in Guacamole and Lime and Green Salsa and just notice afterwards that its Karaoke night and this guy is singing "Common People".

I mean, I don't usually go in for that Look At This Fucking Hipster!.com stuff, but really do look at this bastard. He has no idea whether he is joking or not. He only wonders whether a 500$ Gucci Sweatshirt he bought in L.A. will show up on his Dad's credit statement if the purchase was made "in jest".

Thanks to my luvley models Alix and Chloe BTW.

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