Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Breslin @ Ace Hotel

My lovely friend Lilah invited me for yet another culinary foray, this time along with her friend the "well-known food blogger". How else could I have ended up at the chef's table at The Breslin sampling things like shelled boiled peanuts deep-fried in pork fat? (Seriously, look at their menu, it's kind of bananas). Too bad, though, that I didn't realize how déclassée it would be to whip out an iphone and start taking food photos.
Trife as it may have been of me, I had to document this Bone-Marrow Soup somehow.

Anyway it was all worth it to get within an arm's length of this: 50 US dollars worth of dreamlike Braised pork belly. Thank you Lilah.

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